Waterford Lavender Fleurology Rose


The rose is a symbol for love and affection - but all roses inevitably wilt. This glass rose will remain resilient and is an ideal way to demonstrate your everlasting devotion! The outer petals of the flower and the leaves on the clear glass stem feature intricate cuts. Your Waterford Fleurology rose will come packaged in an impressive gift box and is the perfect complement to a romantic night out.

Spring is in the air with the Fleurology collection, a unique design concept featuring chic crystal vases and lifelike glass flowers. The Fleurology collection reinvents the vase category with its companion glass flower and takes it to a higher form of art with exquisite shapes and complementary cutting patterns that merchandise harmoniously. A stunning glass rose is a great companion to any vase!

Hand-finished glass

14.5"L x 4"W x 3-1/2" Diameter