reed & barton

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Christmas Cross 2023


Behold the opulence of the 2023 Reed & Barton Sterling Cross Ornament, a continuance of timeless elegance and cherished Christmas traditions since the series' first debut in 1971. Celebrating the 53rd edition, the 2023 Christmas Cross stands as a testament to the unmatched craftsmanship of skilled silversmiths in the USA. The striking combination of smooth and beaded lines creates an exquisite interplay of sophistication and simplicity, rendering a design that is truly captivating. In keeping with its status as a rare collectable, the dies used in crafting each Reed & Barton Christmas Cross are destroyed at the end of the season, ensuring its owner a truly unique treasure. The original factory gift box, protective velvet pouch, brochure, and ribbon are all included. The Cross Ornament is engraved 2023 Reed & Barton Sterling on the reverse, has a flat back, and measures 3.25" High.