Please Return to New Orleans Heart Couture Charm - BACKORDER


Order will be shipped on September 20, 2023. 


Compatible with our Couture Charm bracelets and looks stellar on our selection of chains.

  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver

  • Charm is 17 x 17mm

  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand

  • Designed with love in New Orleans, USA  

Cristy's Comments

Too often, I heard stories of New Orleanians displaced, living elsewhere because they could not return. Other times, tourists would say they just want to take a piece of New Orleans home for them to remember their trip. We had so many volunteers and construction workers eager to shop local and stimulate oureconomy. And of course, you had locals who were filled with pride and faith that we would make New Orleans stronger, together.

As a locally affected artist , I designed my first "Please Return to New Orleans" piece (this product) right after Katrina as a cry to anyone and everyone who found real meaning in that sentence. I was addressing the displaced locals who were homesick or missing New Orleans, while at the same time addressing the wave of visitors who came to visit our broken city and help us rebuild any way they could - even if it was just shopping at a local mom & pop French Quarter shop, such as my family's business where I was working at the time.